Native Camp 文法中級23 副詞の比較


 He throws the ball more accurately than others do.
 He trains as hard as the rookies.
 The Yankees played as well as Mariners did.
 He doesn’t throw the ball as fast as they do.

  ex) He throws the ball more accurately than others do.

  ex) I have been sleeping poorly recently.

・worse:より悪く [wə́rs ]  ※worth [wə́rθ ]
  ex) His drinking was getting worse.

  ex) Sean drives more dangerously than I do.

  ex)It was an unforgettable game.

  ex) He is so effective then.

  ex) He trains as hard as the rookies.

・regulate:調整する・規制する [régjulèit]
  ex) He regulates his nutrition.

  ex) Studying nutrition is helpful.

・nutritional value:栄養価
  ex) The nutritional value of your food is so low.

・secret weapon:秘密兵器
  ex) His health is his secret weapon.

・the other day:つい先日
  ex) I saw the documentary about him the other day.

・come to ~:~するようになる
  ex) He comes to practice before anybody else does.

・Most importantly, ・・・:もっとも重要なことだが、・・・
  ex) Most importantly, he regulates his nutrition more seriously than many other players.

・health condition:健康状態

  ex) How is your living?

・She watches the games more often than ever.

・He is smaller than many other pitchers.

・He throws it more accurately than any other pitcher.


“I’m a good singer, but she sings better." → “She sings better than I do.
後ろの “I do" と、ただの “I" のみの違いは?と質問
⇒ どちらでもok。

【not interested ~ as・・・as の文 】
“I am not interested in French as well as in English." という文では、Englishの方がずっとinterestedだけどFrenchも多少はinterestedということになる(ゼロではない)。

・My husband is more maturely than I am.
・He doesn’t speak English as well as I do.
・He can listen what the native speakers say as well as I can.
・I can sing a song more smoothly than my friend in English.
・My teacher speaks English more perfectly than I do.
・I speak Japanese more beautifully than typical Japanese.
・I want to speak English more awesomely than Japanese people as well.
・Some day, I will speak English as well as my teacher.
・I will improve my English skills more perfectly than my co-workers.
・I will have confidence as much as my boss.
・I can’t read English book as fast as I read Japanese ones.
・I can’t understand movies in English as well as movies in Japanese.
・I am not interested in French as well as in English.





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