Native Camp 5分間ディスカッション(Holidays)



【How do you celebrate Christmas and New Year in your country?】
“In Japan, many people don’t care about religion, so we celebrate it as an event."

“Because the city becomes more colorful and gorgeous, stores and restaurants are decorated, and the atmosphere is more fun."

“On the contrary, New Year has deep-rooted traditions and we have to do many things as a custom."

“For example, there are greetings to relatives’ houses, giving out New Year’s gifts, sending New Year’s greeting cards, and cleaning whole house."

“To be frank, I dislike New Year holidays. Even though they are short, I have such lots of things to do and no time to rest."

“Christmas is my favorite season of the year and New Year’s is my least favorite season of the year."

【Do you usually prepare lots of foods for Christmas and New Year?】
“I eat chicken at Christmas. But I don’t buy it at KFC on Christmas."

“This is because KFC is very crowded at Christmas and sells large quantities, so the quality of the chicken they sell may be poor."

“The traditional New Year’s food is Osechi. Put various kinds of traditional foods in the box."

“Each food has its own meaning to celebrate."

“For example, there is “Kazunoko", which is the roe of a herring."

“It has a lot of eggs, so it means that you can have a lot of children."

“My mother used to teach me how to make and prepare a lot of Osechi food, and I loved it."

“I rarely make them now because I get tired of preparing. We go to a superstore and buy a few of the kinds of things we want."

“When we go to our parents’ houses, Osechi are prepared, so we eat there."

“Young people these days may not eat osechi so much, so tradition may disappear."

“There seems to increase single people these days. They may buy a small portion of Osechi at a convenience store."

“We didn’t go to our parents’ houses this year because of the Corona, so I ended up eating very little Osechi."

【Do you put Christmas decorations at home?】
“We don’t decorate because both of us are too busy to look at and enjoy the decorations."

“If we go out to town, we can enjoy seeing the stores and restaurants decorated."

【What places would you want to celebrate Christmas this year?】
“I wish I could spend Christmas abroad. When I see Christmas in a European city on TV, maybe Germany, I want to go there."

“I guess it’s impossible this year due to the Corona."

【Have you celebrated Christmas outside your own country?】
“I used to go abroad on a working holiday and stayed at Christmas time, but I was too busy with work to celebrate ."

【Do you spend long vacations in other countries?】
“Every year I go abroad to work and stay for a certain period of time. It might be called a kind of vacation because I enjoy my spare time there. But now I don’t go there due to the Virus."