Native Camp 文法中級の総まとめ ⑤ 助動詞


・may, might:より可能性が低い時はmight <教材:中級20, 中級25
・be able to ~:canよりも強調したい <教材:中級21, 中級25
 ※現在のことならcanを使う方が一般的。過去の場合はcould または be able to だが、couldは能力に過ぎないので、実際に行動したのであればbe able toを使う。


・used to ~(動詞):(昔は)よく~した(現在はしていない)
・would ~(動詞):(昔は)よく~した(現在のことは不明)

「used to ~」
“Mr. and Mrs. Adams used to live in a small house."
“Their son never used to go to the gym."
“She used to be able to save more money."

“I would go skiing every Sunday in winter when I was a child."


・should have ~(過去分詞):過去の後悔「~すべきだった(でもしなかった)」
・could have ~(過去分詞):過去の後悔「~できたのに(でもしなかった)」

「should have ~」
<教材:中級47, 中級52
“I should have checked my phone sooner."
“She shouldn’t have eaten so much ice cream."
“I should have paid more attention."

「could have ~」
<教材:中級47, 中級52
“You could have talked to her in person."
“She could have acted like nothing had happened."
“We could have had fun together."


・must have ~(過去分詞):過去の推量「~だったに違いない」
・might have ~(過去分詞):過去の推量「~だったかもしれない」

「must have ~」
<教材:中級48, 中級52
“He must have forgotten it at home."
“It must have been broken."

「might have ~」
<教材:中級48, 中級52
“They might have already eaten supper."
“He might have been delayed."


had better ~

<教材:中級57, 中級58
“If you ever have a chance, you had better travel around and see the world."
“Prices of most things might be more expensive there. I had better bring more money to NY."

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