Native Camp 文法中級の総まとめ ⑧ 強調・倒置・省略・否定


It is/was ~ that ・・・

<教材:中級43, 中級45>
“It was my brother that stepped on the cat yesterday."
“It was the cat that my brother stepped on yesterday."
“It was yesterday that my brother stepped on the cat."


<教材:中級44, 中級45>
“you have to do it yourself."
“My parents were against my idea of quitting school, but their reaction itself was not anger."
“I thought that the mayor’s speech was incredible, but I myself don’t like him at all."

<教材:中級30, 中級45>
“We enjoyed ourselves at the mall."
“John taught himself how to play the guitar."
“We looked at ourselves in the mirror."

 do / does / did

<教材:中級44, 中級45>
“I do love her."
“He did lie to me, remember?"
“She does have a lot of problems."


・so + V + S:肯定文に対し同意する
・neither + V + S:否定文に対し同意する

「so + V + S」
<教材:中級24, 中級25>
“I’m hungry." → “So am I."
“I would like to go to America." → “So would I."
“I can lift 100 pounds easily." → “So can I."
“I used to live in Hawaii." → “So did I."
“I’ve respected Michael Jackson." → “So have I."
“Her eyes are swollen." → “So are mine."

「neither + V + S」
<教材:中級24, 中級25>
“I never eat insects." → “Neither do I."
“I won’t be here tomorrow." → “Neither will I."
“I’ve never been to Togo in Africa." → “Neither have I."
“He can’t solve this problem." → “Neither can I."
“I couldn’t sleep well last night." → “Neither could my brother."
“I’d never want to visit him again." → “Neither would I."


if not ~

<教材:中級55, 中級58>
“Are you doing well? If not, I can help you with that."
“A city bus should come to the bus station in about ten minutes. If not, I can come and give you a ride."


Not ~

<教材:中級55, 中級58>
“Students had to hand in the paper by Friday, but not everyone finished it on time."
“We should remember the importance of good health, but not everyone maintains themselves."

no longer ~ because ・・・

<教材:中級62, 中級65>
“She can no longer take it because she is so mad at him."
“He no longer scratches his arm because he has taken medicine."
“Children should no longer be abused because there’s a strict law."
“The police may no longer be able to capture him because he has escaped overseas."

not A but B
・not only A but also B:AだけでなくB ※alsoは省略可能
・not A but B:AではなくB

「not only A but also B」
<教材:中級56, 中級58
“The cafe’s new smoothie is not only delicious, but also very healthy."
“My mother told me not only to walk the dog, but also to wash the dishes."
“He not only did not eat but also did not drink."
“Not only he but also she was absent from the meeting."

「not A but B」
<教材:中級56, 中級58
“He lost my stuff not once but several times."
“We could not get angry in public but cried when we came home."
“My girlfriend doesn’t give me orders but gives me self-confidence."

動名詞の前に “not"
not ~ing

<教材:中級54, 中級58
“I got fired for not being punctual."
“I’m sorry for not writing in Japanese."
“You might miss many chances by not speaking English."

不定詞の前に “not"
・~ so as not to ・・・
・~ in order not to ・・・

<教材:中級54, 中級58
“I worked hard so as not to be financially dependent."
“I followed right behind them so as not to get lost."
“You had better go to bed at once so as not to catch a cold."

<教材:中級54, 中級58
“They had to agree with them in order not to cause problems."
“I set an alarm for six in order not to oversleep."
“I took a medicine in order not to catch a cold."

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