NHKニュースで学ぶ現代英語 2022年6月より①


・(be) to blame:責めを負うべきである、責任がある、責任の所在である
 ex) A new study says extreme rainfall events are happening more often in Japan, and climate change is mostly to blame.

・take a deep look at ~:~を深く見る → 詳しく調べる
 ex) They used artificial intelligence to take a deep look at precipitation data in Japan over a period of 38 years.

・natural variability:自然変動
 ex) The team also used a supercomputer to simulate atmospheric conditions and other natural variabilities.

 ex) It said the results showed that human-caused climate change was responsible for the rising frequency of abnormal rainfall.

「周波数」の意味もある。"frequency modulation" が FMラジオのこと。

キム総書記 コロナ感染拡大に危機感

・we start in ~:「まずは~のニュースです」といったニュアンスで、ニュース番組の出だしの言い回し
 ※"in" の後ろは必ず地名や場所、"with"も良く使われる
 ※"begin in" “begin with" も良く使われる
 ex) We start in North Korea, where officials announced its first coronavirus cases last week.

・amid ~:~の真っただ中に [əmíd]
 ※military regime:軍事政権
 ex) Leader Kim Jong Un has expressed dissatisfaction over the slow delivery of medical supplies amid an outbreak of what his regime calls fevers.

・mobilization:動員 [mòubələzéiʃən]
 ※the Marine Corps:アメリカ海兵隊  diplomatic corps:外交団
 ex) The state-run Korean Central Television reported Kim attended emergency meetings over the weekend. He ordered the mobilization of the military’s medical corps.

・authorities:当局、官庁、官憲 [əθɔ́rətiz]
 ※government authorities:政府当局  military authorities:軍当局
 ex) Authorities say just over 1.2 million people have been confirmed to have had fevers since late April.

・ruling party newspaper:支配政党の新聞(ここでは朝鮮労働党の機関紙「労働新聞」)
・home remedy:民間療法
 ex) The ruling party newspaper is promoting home remedies to treat fevers, such as drinking willow leaf tea three times a day and gargling with salt water.

マクドナルド ロシアから撤退へ

・prompt A to ~:Aを~するように促す、駆り立てる
・executives:重役、幹部 [igzékjətivz]
 ex) The invasion prompted executives to shut down their restaurants across the country temporarily.

 ex) But they say it’s impossible to ignore the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

・outlet:基本的な意味「出口」→ 商品・サービスの出口としての「店舗」
 ※media outlet:情報の出口 →「報道機関」、power outlet:電気の出口 →「コンセント」
 ex) Those outlets will no longer be able to use the McDonald’s name, logo, or branding.

・thaw:(雪や氷が)解ける → (比喩的に)悪化した関係が緩和する [θɔ]
 ex) The opening of a McDonald’s signaled a thawing of Cold War tensions.

・make way for ~:~に道を譲る、道をあける
 ex) A year later, the Soviet Union collapsed, making way for more businesses from the West.

 ex) Executives say they’ll ensure those workers will be paid until they sell their business.

・write off:(ビジネス用語)損失を計上する
 ※損失として帳簿にwrite(書く)と、帳簿からoff(離れた)ものになる、→ 清算されて以後の帳簿からは金額が消えるようなイメージ
 ※write off:清算する、帳消しにする、価値のないもの
 ex) They say, to leave, they’ll have to write off more than a billion dollars.


・we begin here in ~:(ニュース番組の出だし)「ここ東京から始めます」「最初の話題は~です」
 ex) We begin here in Tokyo, where the leaders of Japan, the United States, Australia, and India say they will work closer on economic development, climate change, and security.

・touch on ~:(問題などに)簡単に言及する、触れる
 ※抽象的なものに対して使う mentionはもっと具体的な、特定的なもの
・spark:火花が散る → (紛争などの)火種となる、争いなどを引き起こす
 ※political unrest:政情不安  social unrest:社会不安
・united front:共同戦線
・present a united front:連合戦線を張る、一致団結してあたる
 ex) The Quad summit touched on fears that fighting in Ukraine could spark unrest elsewhere, with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio presenting a united front.

・reaffirm:再確認する、再び主張する [rìːəfə́ːm]
・sovereignty:支配権 [sɑ́vərənti]
 ex) Regarding the situation in Ukraine, the leaders of all four countries, including India, reaffirmed the importance of principles such as the rule of law as well as sovereignty and territorial integrity.

・unilateral:一方的な、片側だけの [jùːnilǽtərəl]
 ※bilateral:2国間の、2者間 [bailǽtərəl]  multilateral:多国間の、多者間の [mʌ̀ltilǽtərəl]
・status quo:現状
・tolerate:許容する、容認する [tɑ́lərèit]
 ex) We have the shared belief that any similar, unilateral change of the status quo cannot be tolerated in any region.
 ※unilateral change of the status quo(一方的な現状変更)/ change of the status quo by force(力による現状変更)は、国際社会において、軍事力などによって他国の領土を犯すなどの行為を非難して使われる表現

・pose ~:~(問題など)を引き起こす
 ※He also pointed to the threat posed by North Korea. The leaders want to get the North back on the path to denuclearization.

大手デパート SNSで贈るギフトが人気

 ex) If you’re serious about mastering English, try to tap as many resources as possible.
 ex) Japan’s big department stores are tapping growing demand for giving gifts online through social media.

 ex) Recipients can either enter their real addresses for delivery or pick the items up at stores.

・from the year before:前年比で、前年と比べて
 ex) Sales through the online gift-giving platform of Isetan Mitsukoshi roughly doubled in fiscal 2021 from the year before.